Hello is Hard

Back, with more beard than ever before!

by Ian Tingen

It’s been said thatĀ ‘goodbye’ is the hardest phrase that humans have to utter to one another. To be honest, at least for right now: “Hello” is pretty damn unwieldy too. I’ve been spurred back on to Intersection 9 because I realize that lately there’s a lot to talk about. Perhaps it’s this testy election season; perhaps I am feeling a bit louder or maybe I just think that we should talk more.

Looking back at the 30 or so drafts I have queued up in here, it’s clear that I’ve changed since I last posted. I’m betting you’ve changed since you last read.

Let’s get to know each other again. I’m glad to be here, and I hope you’ll spend a bit of your time with me.

I’m Ian, and I’d like to welcome back to Intersection 9.

Oh, also: If you’re ever in Long Beach, CA: Find Chester at Syndicate Barbershop. He’s a fucking wizard.

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