It’s Dusty In Here.

Too damn long.
Wait. It’s been how long?!

by Ian Tingen

Hi there everyone! Happy New… March. It’s been a while – how have you all been? I’ve been busy. And I apparently forgot how to log in to Intersection 9. Judging by the backlog of articles in various stages of completeness in my queue, it would seem that I have succumbed to the slowdown that all writers experience. Someday I should do a piece on behavioral inertia and shaping, but for now, self-deprecation will have to suffice.

I’m sorry I ever left you, internet. 😦

That said, I am happy to be back in the saddle, and will be experimenting with a new venue for my articles – video! That’s right: I have braved the audiovisual system preferences of OSX and have been reborn as a barely-competent vlogger! There’s all sorts of cool things to talk about: new research, ethics, politics, gaming, and teaching. Which reminds me – this semester, I’m happy to say I am adjuncting at Santa Monica College, teaching social psychology in a night class whose diversity and depth continually yields wonderful discussion.

Here’s to passing through new intersections, one step at a time. See you here, and on Twitter: @thisisiwt.

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