Followup: Boston Bombings


By Ian Tingen

Yesterday, I speculated (there’s that word again) that the knee-jerk reaction by the New York Post regarding a Saudi man in the hospital was sensationalism. It seems that I was correct, even though being correct brings me no joy in this situation.

Amy Davidson does a great job of going over the ways in which people hid behind easy explanations for the Saudi man. This followup Post article gives good examples of what I suspect are post-hoc false memories / justifications for tackling a brown guy near the scene of a bombing. There’s an article at Salon by David Sirota that explores the implications of a white bomber versus a vaguely brown one.

Of course, there are no official announcements of suspects yet – just people looking for answers, and people looking to fill time in 24/7 news cycles. As such, there’s still a need for people to Do Good Things. Here’s a link that helps you find blood donation centers in the US.

And, because I want to end on a high note: In case you missed it, Patton Oswalt had some pretty great things to say after the bombing.
Photo from Instagram, and also seen here.

2 thoughts on “Followup: Boston Bombings”

  1. The New York Post article you mentioned doesn’t speculate on anything. It said little more than a Saudi national was a potential suspect. Do you oppose police investigating potential suspects until they have proof? If so then how are police to obtain this proof without an investigation? Or do you object to the police investigating a Saudi national? Should the media not have reported the potential suspect was a Saudi national? Do you object because, as your links suggest, the potential suspect was a “brown guy”?

    If you object to the New York times NON speculative reporting then you must be absolutely outraged other mainstream media outlets have been ranting about patriots, rightwing extremists, and various other code words for white. I’m sure you’ll be publishing a post on that very soon. Right?

    In the meantime, I’d be happy to do a little speculating. The bomb was made from a pressure cooker using a design common throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. Instructions for making that type of bomb are regularly published in materials for muslim terrorists. Muslim terrorists routinely advocate attacking high profile targets such as sporting events. Did I say I was going to speculate? My bad. That wasn’t speculation. Those were just facts.

    I have no idea whose responsible but the facts certainly suggest a “brown guy”. Could it be a “white guy” as Sirota and you so desperately hope for? Sure. It’s possible. As the MSM has been eager to point out, it happened on Patriot’s Day as well as the deadline for filing taxes. After all, it does seem like most patriots (and people paying taxes) are white. But why attack an overwhelmingly white sporting event rather than an IRS or other government building? The obvious reason is that it’s a high profile sporting event. Hmmm… now where have I heard that before?

    Let me cut to the chase. When there’s a white mass shooter you hear weeks (months?) of hand wringing with people asking “What’s wrong with white men?” But when there’s a nonwhite mass shooter (as mass shooters disproportionately are) you hear a brief mention in the news, a few talking heads making excuses and then you hear crickets. When there’s a white bomber you hear weeks of hand wringing with lefties asking “What’s wrong with white men?” But when there’s a nonwhite bomber (as bombers disproportionately are) you hear talking heads say “It’s probably a white guy!” followed by, “Well, if it had been a white guy…”

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